The statutes of the civic association MAMA MUNDELE

Article 1

Introductory provisions

Name of the association:

Public benefit organization MAMA MUNDELE


Seat of the Association: Rynholec 210, Rynholec , okr. Rakovník, PSČ 271 01


Article 2

Legal status of the Associations

1. Public benefit organization MAMA MUNDELE is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit and independent association bringing together individuals or legal persons arising under Act No. 83/1990, regarding association of citizens, as amended.

2. The association is a legal entity under Czech law.


Article 3

Goal of the Association

1. Goal of the association :

a) support of inter-racial tolerance and mutual human and cultural knowledge

b) support and the establishment of a humanitarian and development projects

c) active involvement of people from developing countries into projects, improving their skills


d) ensuring self-sufficiency and sustainability of individual projects


e) involvement of Czech citizens into projects in Africa


f) improving the conditions of people in African countries (mainly the Democratic Republic of Congo) with respect to local traditions and culture.


g) transparent financing of all activities of the association


h) covering the activities that bring culture and Czech art to the people of Africa, and deepening their knowledge of the Czech Republic.



Article 4


1) Member of the association may be an individual or a legal person older than 18 years, which agrees with the statutes and objectives of the association.

(a member of the association may become a citizen of the Czech Republic over 18 years of age, who is eager to actively contribute to the objectives of the association's activities. If not a citizen of the Czech Republic, shall have temporary residence in the Czech Republic)

2) Application for membership accepts President of the Association in the written form.

3) Accepting a new member requires the consent of the Board of Association, who will vote on the adoption at the next meeting of the Board.

4) Membership begins on the date of member´s admission.


5) The Association maintains a register of members.


6) Membership is terminated by:

a ) member's written notification to the Board

b) member's death

c) in case of a legal entity, by abolition of this entity

d) cancellation of membership at the discretion of the Board of Association

e) dissolution of the Association

Article 5

The rights and obligations of members

1) Member of the Association has the right to:

a) attend meetings of the members' meeting

b) be informed of all activities of the association, participate in it and enjoy all the benefits resulting from membership in the Association.

c) elect authorities of the Association

d) elect authorities of the Association and being elected into the authorities of the Association

e) address the authorities of the Association with suggestions and complaints and ask for their comments

2) Member of the Association has got obligation to:

a) adhere to the Articles of Association

b) actively participate in achieving the objectives of the Association

c) conscientiously perform functions in the institutions of Association

d) ensure that the interests and reputation of the Association are not harmed

e) pay membership dues in the amount determined by the General Meeting


Article 6

Authorities of the Association

1) General Assembly

2) Board of the Association

3) President (Chairman)


Article 7

General Assembly


1. General assembly is a is the supreme authority of the association.

2. The General Assembly consists of all members of the association.

3. The General Meeting shall be convened by the association as necessary, but at least twice a year. The Council shall convene a general meeting whenever it is requested by at least half of the members of the association.

4. The General Assembly mainly:

a) decides on amendment of the Articles of Association

b) elects the members of Board for the period of two years

c) decides on the number of members of the Board

d) decides on the cancellation of the membership

e) approves the tasks of the Association for certain period of time

f) decides on the dissolution of the association

5. The General Meeting shall have a quorum if an absolute majority of all members are present.

6. Each member has one vote. The votes of all members are equal.

7. The General Meeting shall decide based on vote. The decision is accepted if a simple majority of present members voted for it. The decision to change the statutes and the dissolution of the Association shall be adopted if at least two-thirds of all members voted for it.


Article 8

Board of the Association

1) Board of the Association is the executive body of the Association, which is responsible to the General Assembly.

2) Membership in the board results from the proposal on General Assembly based on the proposal of one of its members.

3) The Board shall have at least three members, one of them is the President and Vice-President of the Association.

4) The Board shall be convened by the President at least once every three months.

5) The Board mainly:

a) elects a President and a Vice-president from its members

b) coordinates the activities of the Association

c) convenes a General Meeting

d) decides on the admission of members of the Association

e) prepares documents for the General Meeting decisions

6) The President of the Board shall represent the Association externally and acts on its behalf.

7) To ensure the activities of the Association, Board may establish an office.

8) The Board shall have a quorum if an absolute majority of all its members is present.

9) The Board shall act by a simple majority of present members.

10) If the General Meeting doesn´t convene, despite at least three repeated convocations in period of two moths, the right of the Assembly is taken over by its Board.


Article 9



1. The President meets the Board´s decision and represents the Association, acts on behalf of it, hires the employees and decides on common matters of the Association.

2. The President is elected by the Board of the Association.

3. The President is responsible for the implementation of Board´s decisions, bookkeeping and smooth running of the association.

4. The President prepares materials for the meetings of Board.


Article 10

Principles of management


E.g. The Association receives funding from individuals or legal entities to implement its activities, funds are in the form of gifts. All activities of the Association which are consistent with its objectives at point no. 3 are ensured of this income. In particular the involvement of Czech citizens in projects in Africa and covering the activities that bring Czech culture and art to the people of Africa, support for interracial tolerance and mutual human and cultural knowledge.


In order to gain the financial resources, public benefit organization „Mama Mundele“ set up an account with following number 4197596028/5500 where the Association will collect funds for the activities of this Association.


Article 11

Dissolution of the Association

The Association shall cease:

1. By voluntary dissolution or merger with another association on the basis of the decision of the General Meeting.

2. By decision of the Ministry of Interior.

3. When the association cease by voluntary dissolution, the General Assembly shall decide on the way of property settlement.




Final establishment

These Statutes may be amended or revoked by decision of at least three-fourths votes of all members of the General Assembly.